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You must have a bait bucket or you will need to purchase one.

Baits Available

Live Bait-It is always best to call and be sure there is bait. In some cases we do happen to run out on busy days and have to wait on bait guys to deliver. And some cases it's the wheather that make the baits disappear when it's to hot or to cold or when the moon phase happens so many factors to getting bait it's just better to call ahead. But the majority of the time we have it!

I would like to also state the size of bait is a factor in season changes! not all the time will there be big shrimp or muds crabs and fiddlers there is a time for every living thing to grow!

Salt Water

Shrimp, Mud Minnows, Fiddler Crabs, Blue Crabs 

Fresh Water

Florida Wigglers, Night Crawlers, Red Worm & Green Glo Worms,Crikets,Missouri Minnows, Shiners

Fresh Frozen Baits

Dead Shrimp, Finger Mullet, Clams, ,Sand Fleas,Bonita, Bally Whoo, Squid,Spanish Sardines, Cigar Minnows, Ribbon Fish Seasonal,

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